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  I am an abstract oil painter. Painting was something I wanted to do during my childhood. The painter emerged during my mid-teens. My paintings have evolved from figurative and landscapes to abstract where I explore color and shapes. Bright colors and sharp angles have been a constant in my work no matter the subject matter, or lack thereof. The pull and push between color and composition play an important role in my art.
My pursuit of artistic development led to an Associate in Science degree in Photography from Miami Dade College and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting from Eastern Michigan University.

I have had numerous solo and group exhibitions. I have participated in weekly figure drawing sessions, have taught summer art classes and have volunteered as Committee Chair for The Las Vegas Art Studio Tour. I live in New Mexico.


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Artist's Statement

  Travel Series

My current series is inspired by the mystery of the roads from my travels; always leading somewhere exciting. I can see what is right in front of me but not what is around the corner or further away. That is the adventure I look forward to in traveling and painting: the unknown. By combining these two elements, I use bold and bright colors, sharp angles and dramatic contrasts to become powerful motivators behind my abstract oil paintings. I am drawn to the tension between intersecting lines and angles separating fields of color. These soft tones are contained within the roads but expand into an infinite and unrevealed world beyond the edges of the canvas and city streets.


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